General Information

In 1990, Berlin has regained its outstanding international place and has become the capital of Germany after being re-united. It has become an embodiment of the cultural unique life with Berlin's Museum Island, which is the greatest gathering of museums in Europe, Berlin Philharmonic orchestra and over 50 theaters. Berlin is called the capital of knowledge as well. It has 35 universities and higher institutes. Berlin's economy is booming with such big names like Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals and Air Berlin. Berlin’s motto “Berlin deserves a visit" is ascertained by ITB Exhibition, which is the biggest world tourist exhibition. 

The Berlin International Film Festival captures the world interest every year, where the people of Berlin have become accustomed to be the world's center of importance ever since Hohenzollern Dynasty established Berlin in 1458. However, this great history has its own black pages around the Nazi rule and the German Democratic Republic, which erected Berlin Wall.

  Berlin is 892 km while the population is nearly 3.469,849.