Important Laws in Germany

 In its keenness to facilitate the Qatari citizens’ travel and residency and spare them any difficulties or obstructions, the Embassy of Qatar in Berlin has set certain directives that will be of great help for Qatari People desiring to travel to Germany:

•Citizens with special and diplomatic passports who are willing to travel to Germany for tourism purposes should make sure that they carry digital (biometric) passports with computer chip to ensure that they enter Germany without no need to Schengen Visa.

•Qatari citizens travelling to Germany for the first time should not use Schengen Visa passed by another European state embassy in Doha. They should, however, enter Germany with a visa issued by the German embassy to avoid being questioned in the airport, be entitled to admission easily and save themselves being forced to return back to Doha.

•Qatari citizens may not transit through Germany using a visa passed for the first time by the embassy of the state they are willing to visit.

•Upon application for visa, Qatari citizens should specify the purpose of visit; e.g. patients, sportsmen or students may not apply for a tourist visa, since it is difficult to renew their visas after 90 days and hence, they have to return to Doha and re-apply for another one.

Therefore, patient and their companions should have national visa (category D) to avoid having to travel out of Europe within 90 days.

•Qatari tourists are granted Two (2) to more years Schengen Visa. However, it does not mean that a Qatar tourist can stay that long in Germany. They should stay for 90 days only at maximum within 6 months (180 days) pursuant to the law; i.e. in case that a Qatari citizen entered Germany on 01/01/2017, he/she would have the right to stay there for 90 days only intermittently until 01/07/2017. 

 If the period of 90 days expired before 01/07/2017, the citizen would have to leave Germany and Europe and return thereafter, otherwise he/she would get himself/herself into trouble and would be subject to questioning that may lead to blocking him/her from entering Germany altogether because such action is a breach of the German and European law.

•Qatari citizens should not bear with them more than EUR 10,000 (or an equal amount in another currency) upon arriving at German airports. In case that a Qatari citizen carried more cash, it would be preferable to divide such amounts among companions or to declare the same (i.e. to go to the inspection lane with the red sign hanging or shown on the floor) before getting into the lane with the green sign. In case that the security men discovered the same or even the concerned citizen admitted the same after passing by the green sign, he/she would pay a penalty, not to mention getting late due to questioning and thorough inspection.

•Qatari citizens should comply with the hosting state laws, travel requirements and international aviation regulations and should not have banned objects.

•Qatari citizens should make sure that their passports and visas are valid, since they cannot be extended in the airport.

•Under no circumstances should Qatari citizens leave their passports or personal IDs with any person as a security.

•Qatari citizens should not allow security men in Germany to inspect their place of residence, unless the security men have an inspection permit issued by the competent authorities. In case of being investigated, Qatari citizens should immediately notify the Embassy with the same.

•Qatari citizens should make sure of the identity of any person requiring them to show their personal ID.

•Qatari citizens should keep the Embassy contact numbers for emergencies.

•A copy of the passport and ID should be kept to be easily referred back to by the Embassy if lost.

•Qatari citizens should keep an eye on children in gatherings and markets. In case of having any trouble, Embassy should be directly notified.

•Qatari citizens should maintain their passports while moving in Germany.

•Suspicious, dangerous, uninhabited and dark places should be avoided.

•Qatari citizens should not wear jewelry, especially at night to avoid being subject to robbery.

•Qatari citizens should avoid beggars because some of them are professional robbers and thieves and may steal their personal luggage. Therefore, Qatari citizens should avoid them calmly.

•Qatari citizens should have the pocket money that covers their daily needs only. Carrying extra amounts of money should be avoided, but a bank card may be carried instead.

•Wallets should be placed in the front pockets or in the internal pockets of women handbags.

•For more information, please call the Embassy at 004930862060