Qatar - German Relations

Forty Years elapsed since the establishing the steady relations between Qatar State and Federal Republic of Germany which, for sure, left good impact in both countries' people. The respective relations have developed in considerable manner within the last few years and developed to cover, recently, wide domain in terms of commercial, cultural, scientific, political and sports fields.

The continuous dialogue and permanent consultation is practiced nowadays in respect of political coordination in terms of the area causes and important files; i.e. Syria, people of which who suffer from war crises. By virtue of the foregoing, consultation and congresses between both states are very important to lift the suffering of Syrian people, dashing from the idea that both parties complement each other.

In terms of trade exchange, the Qatari – German relations are marked by distinction and strength. The Trade exchange volume between both countries in witnessing developing increase year after year, until it recently to translated into almost 2.5 Billion Euros

Economy, culture, sports and development remain significant fields for future mutual cooperation. Perhaps, Qatar Foundation successful role at the universal level, has worked to make it a well know entity in the German scientific community. Moreover, the German school in Doha practices important role in teaching the German language in Qatar as well as German scientific curriculums too. 

On the sports field, Qatar becomes major host of the various sports events including, but not limited to, hosting world swimming championship in December 2014, world cup hand ball in January 2015, world cup cycling in 2016, world cup of special needs persons in 2016.

Also Qatar won hosting sports cars race (Formula 1) starting from 2017, Gymnasium championship in 2018, World Athletics Championship in 2019, in addition to its expected hosting of world football championship in 2022. 

It is worth mentioning herein that many German sports teams; Bayern Munich, Brusia Dortshmond & Shalkeh, as well as the best world sportsmen in all sports games, started to prefer organizing their special preparation camps in Aspire Academy at Doha Shalkeh German club also is considered a strategic partner in Aspire.

As far as world football championship in 2022 is concerned, the German companies are looking eagerly forward as to such important event, as such companies take part in preparations for such important sports incident. 

The cooperation between the German Companies and Qatari Establishment covers other fields and activities. We shall not forget that the Qatari Investments in Germany is developing rapidly, and both sides seek to connect both countries in other scopes and fields. Such issue is confirmed via understanding memos exchanged between both countries in researches, sciences, technology, culture, museums and antiquate sciences.          

The foregoing cooperation extended to cover all fields of sciences and culture. We witness many reputable German companies which practices its business in Qatar, especially in science and development researches & energy. Moreover, the cooperation among Universities is existed which contribute in enhancing the educational and cultural relations between both sides. The Qatar airlines also coordinate with the German airlines in aviation technology and safety. 

Doha city witnesses various visits paid by German delegates to establish more cooperation and coordination in all specialties and other fields. Qatar hosts many German citizens which are counted to read almost 1800 citizen who resides in Qatar and work for Qatari companies. There are also, Qatari – German companies who are practicing their business in Qatar, and we can see many scientific team who teach in Qatar Universities of all scientific fields. Experience and knowledge exchange between both countries occupies the most important concerns of both countries in order to establish and create various and innovative domains which shall be reflected on the work market in Qatar and the surrounding region.